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"I'm pretty average at most things, but I have exceptional forearm muscles from years of hair brushing and brief but intense forearm excercises. I'm also a teenage, so I can cause a lot of mayhem and destruction. Especially if some stuffy church elder is telling me I can't dance in my own town. Because it's way too inconvenient to drive somewhere else to dance." - The description of Chris/Meg in the Chris & Meg Class.


Health: 120

Energy: 90

Defense: 45

Class FeaturesEdit

  • Thick Skinned - Years of being picked on enables them to take a moderate amount of abuse.
  • Spaz Attack - Prone to volatile mood swings, they have a number of devistating attacks.
  • Self Sufficient - Fairly independent and able to take care of themselves in most situations.
  • Awkward - Being a klutz adds an element of surprise.

Class Description & Fighting TipsEdit

The Chris & Meg Class is the DPS Warrior type role in Family Guy Online, they can deal lots of damage for low energy while still maintaining a pretty high amount of health. The Chris & Meg Class can bring down bosses like the giant chicken solo if done correctly: using all the stun abilitys and healing every chance you get.


Icon Name Description Level


Attack dealing 5 damage and builds 10 energy 1
Groin Kick Groin Kick Attack dealing 18 damage costing 30 energy (Also stuns for 3 seconds) 1
I Hate You All I Hate You All AOE* dealing 15 damage costing 20 energy 2
Pummel Pummel Attack dealing 10 damage and builds 20 energy 4
Lick Toad Lick Toad Heals yourself for 25 hit points costing 20 energy 6
Shoe Box Diarrhea Shoe Box Diarrhea Ranged DOT** that does 25 damage over 4 seconds costing 35 energy (Also stuns for 4 seconds) 8
Butt Floss Butt Floss Ranged attack dealing 10 damage and building 20 energy 10
Camera Phone Flash Camera Phone Flash AOE stun lasting 5 seconds costing 20 energy 12
Squeeze Toad Squeeze Toad Ranged DOT that does 30 damage over 4 seconds costing 30 energy 14
Cheap Cologne AOE DOT that does 25 damage over 4 seconds costing 60 energy 16

Yellow abilitys - Abilitys that build energy.

Red abilitys - Abilitys that cost energy to use.

AOE* - Area Of Effect (An attack that deals damage to multiple enemies at once)

DOT** - Damage Over Time

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