Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Horace in the DRUNKEN CLAM in DOWNTOWN
  • Return to Brian in the DRUNKEN CLAM in DOWNTOWN

Guide Edit

Walk down the counter and talk to Horace, the bartender. He'll give you the fine whiskey. Give it to Brian.

Dialouge Edit

Brian Griffin
Look pal, I'm a little on edge, think you can help me out? A while back I was trapped in the bank vault with Stewie over night and we drank my last bottle of fine whiskey. Talk to Horace in the DRUNKEN CLAM, he'll hook you up for me.

Brian Griffin
We have a problem, you're back here talking at me but you don't have my liquor, why don't you go fix that.

Brain Griffin
You got some very fine Whiskey!

Brian Griffin
Thanks pal, I owe you

Rewards Edit

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