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"You ever play 'Street Fighter'? I'm like E Honda, but without all the Asian business. I'm like E Ford. I fight ya up close, I ain't gonna do none of them fancy jumpin' around moves, but I'm tough, and I can take a lot of punishment. I'm like one of Gary Oldman's girlfriends. I mean, I haven't heard any rumors about him, but he seems like a lady puncher, don't he?"
— The first-person description of Peter in the Peter Class.

Peter's in-game appearence.

Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr. is a main character of Family Guy and a character in Family Guy Online. Peter is the forty-three year-old father of Chris, Meg and Stewie Griffin and the husband of Lois Griffin. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. He is located currently in - game infront the Griffin house in Spooner Street and beside the Police Station's parking lot in Downtown.


Spooner Street

  • Peter’s Hat Weight
  • Indoor Hot Air Balloon
  • Bill Cosby Sweater
  • Trash Lois’ Signs


  • Trial Evidence

Character Class

The Peter Class, functions as a typical MMO "TANK"

Class Features

  • Very Tough - That doughy padding isn't just for show!
  • Throws Weight Around - Obesity has its benefits, like being able to strike many foes at once.
  • Center of Attention - Being load and boisterous gets them noticed.
  • Gassy - Dads take flatulence to a whole new level.


  • Peter also appears as an enemy in quests such as "Fuzzie Orange Fettie Pajamas" and "Roadhouse".

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