Objectives Edit

Guide Edit

Go down the manhole that Bonnie is standing by. Once in the sewers, it's a straightforward path to Joe, but you'll have to defeat five hobos along the way. Fight them one at a time to make things easier. Once they're all beaten, wake up Joe and head back out. If there are any extra hobos, you can just run past them to save time.

Note: This task can be repeated once every twelve hours.

Dialogue Edit

Bonnie Swanson
I'm so glad you're here! I woke up this morning and Joe was gone, I think he may have "Sleep Dragged" himself into the sewers Downtown. Do you think you could go and check if he's down there for me?

Bonnie Swanson
What are you doing back here? Joe could be stuck somewhere with his anus above his head!

Bonnie Swanson
Thank you so much, I was worried sick about Joe!

Rewards Edit

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