Stats Edit


Energy: 90
Defense: 45

Class Description & Fighting Tips Edit

As a Stewie Class character you play a DPS* role, you will not attract much attention from enemies unless you're fighting alone. Because the Stewie Class has a bag full of ranged attacks and not much health or defense, an easy way of defeating enemies is fighting alongside a Peter Class who will attract all the attention and aggression while you defeat your enemies quickly.

Abilities Edit

Name Description Level
Laser Gun

Yellow Ability

Ranged attack that deals 5 damage and builds 10 energy 1
Shin Kick

Red Ability

Stun that dealing 5 damage, lasts 2 seconds and costs 20 energy 1
Bazooka Blast

Red Ability

Ranged AOE dealing 10 damage costing 30 energy 2
Booster Shot

Red Ability

Heals yourself for 30 hit points, over 6 seconds costing 30 energy 4
Baseball Bat

Red Ability

AOE stun dealing 10 damage, lasts 3 seconds costing 20 energy 6

Red Ability

DOT that does 30 damage over 4 seconds costing 40 energy 8
Ray Rifle

Yellow Ability

Ranged attack dealing 10 damage and builds 20 energy 10
Muscle Pig

Red Ability

Ranged attack dealing 30 damage costing 30 energy 12
Mind Control Goggles

Red Ability

Ranged stun for 6 seconds costing 30 energy 14
Stealth Bomber

Red Ability

Ranged AOE dealing 30 damage costing 50 energy 16

Yellow abilities - Abilities that build energy.

Red abilities - Abilities that cost energy.

DPS* - Damage Per Second

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