Know your role for god's sake!!

I keep seeing Stewie Class's trying to beat enemies out front and Peter Class's hiding in the back, and I have never seen once a Lois Class healing!

If you're a Stewie Class hit from far away and let the Peter Class attract all the attention and if you're a Lois Class and you see a Peter Class taking all the damage then heal him! It's not that complicated lol and I'm talking about the Co-op missions like Quahog's Most Wanted and Crippletron (or the Giant Chicken fight though I wouldn't know because I didn't get there yet XD)

Anyways if you want to play with me add me as friend (Fatndeadly)!

cya next time ;)

  • I realize I didn't mention the Chris and Meg Class, that's because their role is the same as the Stewie Class (DPS) :D